B Class Hoardings 10kPa Hoarding and A Class Hoarding

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What’s the Purpose of a Hoarding?

Hoardings are used to segregate people from the activities of a construction or maintenance project.  They’re to protect people and/or property from building activities above and around, and typically consist of overhead protection or a protective wall/screen

Types of Hoarding

The two main types of hoarding are:

  • A Class Hoarding – which provides protection from the side or act as access control.
  • B Class Hoarding – which provide protection from above. This may also be referred to as overhead protection or 10kPa hoarding


A Class Hoarding

A Class Hoardings control the access into a work area and protect people and properties from the work activities.

Alphasafe’s A Class Hoarding can be formed to any shape of site and typically consist of 2.4m high timber partitioning.  Subject to the site-specific requirements, the quality of finish of each A Class Hoarding can vary and may feature sealed edges, columns, edge skirting, painted finish, or a custom decorative finish.

If you’re searching for A Class Hoardings for your project.  Contact Alphasafe today.

B Class Hoarding

B Class Hoardings provide protection from falling objects and can be referred to as overhead protection.  B Class Hoardings provide overhead protection to people and property.  They may cover a footpath, a road, or cover a complete building. 

Due to the broad nature of buildings and modern architectural designs; B Class Hoardings are required in a variety shapes and sizes.  Using a precision engineered modular system, Alphasafe’s B Class Overhead Hoardings can be designed to overcome almost any site conditions.

10 kPa Overhead Protection

10 kPa Overhead Protection can be classed as a B Class Hoarding. 10kPa refers to the loading capacity.  10kPa is equal to 1 tonne/m²

Where is our Hoarding Service Available?

Anywhere*.  However, subject to the site specific conditions and our commitment to add value for clients.  Alphasafe will advise when our service may not be the most cost-effective option.   From our major depots in Sydney and Newcastle we supply hoardings to all NSW major cities including Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong.  If you’re searching for Hoardings Sydney, Hoardings in Wollongong, or Hoardings Newcastle.  Our team can help.

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