Our services include swing stage design, swing stage hire and swing stage installation.  

If you're not sure exactly what you require, our team of swing stages experts can guide you through the process.  After determining the scope of work, dimensions, site and structural conditions, and sequencing we can produce the necessary swing stages design and swing stage hire proposals.

Using precision engineered equipment from Germany, Belgian, and Australia.  Alphasafe's swing stage hire is fully serviced and installed by experts.

Our swing stage hire fleet includes swing stages up to 16m long, corner swing stages, double level swing stages, and narrow swing stages. 

Hire Swing Stages Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Throughout NSW

Are you looking to hire swing stages in Sydney?  Our swinging stage hire service is available through all of NSW.  From our major depots in Sydney and Newcastle, our swing stage hire fleet can be shipped anywhere in NSW within 24 hours