Suspended Scaffold Access

Not all scaffolds are built up from ground level and sometimes suspended stair access or suspended ladder access is the only viable option.

Alphasafe provides a complete solution from concept, to design, to installation, and ongoing inspection and maintenance.

When to use a Suspended Scaffold Stairs or Suspended Scaffold Access

Suspended scaffold stairs could get used:

  1. When it’s not possible to build up from ground (i.e. when the access is required above water)
  2. When the risk of building the scaffold traditionally exceeds the risk of suspending the scaffold

With the advances in construction technologies; Sydney’s building are becoming bigger and more complex.  Basements are becoming deeper and with the increase in road tunnels in NSW, suspended scaffold stair access into excavations is becoming more popular and more technical.

Excavation access stairs can be installed from the top of an excavation, progressively installed from the bottom of an excavation (as it’s being dug), or crane lifted into position. 

Subject to the site conditions and constraints, Alphasafe can develop an excavation stair access that overcomes any project challenges. 

How to Suspend a Scaffold Stair.

Using precision engineered German scaffolding, Alphasafe has a variety of suspension methods that can be applied to overcome a variety of problems.

Alphasafe’s suspended scaffold stairs can be suspended from steel beams, from concrete using anchors, and from concrete slabs using compression. Our suspended stairs can also be suspended from timber structures.  NSW still relies on many timber bridges and wharfs, which means that from time to time, timber is the only available materials to secure a scaffold to.

Are Suspended Scaffolds Safe?


Since the implementation of the hierarchy of controls which makes elimination of a risk the primary control measure.  Scaffold methodologies have developed to eliminate fall from height and other associated risks.

Alphasafe has developed methodologies that allow a scaffold to be suspended without the use of a harness, either manually installed and/or with the use of a crane.

The use of a crane to assemble a suspended scaffold or suspended stair allows the stair to be assembled at ground level before being crane lifted into position.

Hire Suspended Scaffold Stairs

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