Scaffolding For Major Projects

Alphasafe provides an expert service to major projects throughout NSW.  Supplying scaffolding, swings stages, propping, and temporary works design.

With a fleet of quality equipment, professional management and design capability, and a skilled workforce, we can service projects of any size. 


Adding Value With Scaffolding to Major Projects

Using European manufactured scaffolding systems, and swing stages.  We provide safe and efficient solutions with a focus on adding value for clients. With a commitment to adding value to major scaffold projects we plan and develop solutions that can:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate risk.
  • Reduce task duration.
  • Improve project duration.

Scaffold Safety on Major Projects

With our custom built software, safety procedures are managed and shared in real-time.  Reducing errors and incidents and achieving a more efficient scaffold outcome for our clients' major projects.

Design and Efficiency on Major Scaffold Projects

With inhouse professional designers, Alphasafe thoroughly plans efficient and safe scaffold designs.  Taking the guess work out of scaffolding and achieving the safest and most efficient outcome for our teams and our clients.


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If you're planning a major project and require a value adding solution and/or solution with scaffolding, swing stages, propping, or engineered height access. 

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Lightweight Suspended Scaffold on Bridge

This lightweight suspended scaffold was for bridge repair works on the NSW Central Coast.