Temporary Works Design

Alphasafe’s temporary works package provides a full turnkey solution from design to installation.

Our temporary works design and engineering service combines practical solutions with technical expertise to provide our clients with safe and efficient outcomes every time.

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What is Temporary Works Design?

Temporary works design and engineering refers to any structure that is temporary.  During construction or maintenance works, unlike a permanent structure, temporary works are removed after completion of their application.  Temporary works are required to aid the construction of the final, permanent part of a project.

Types of Temporary Works

Using precision engineered systems from leading manufacturers, Alphasafe’s range of services includes:

  • Propping – High-load propping, High strutting, back propping and temporary support towers.
  • Falsework – Soffit falsework, beam falsework, slab falsework, cantilevered falsework, and high strut falsework.
  • Temporary bridging structures – Temporary access bridges, prop bridging structures, and bridging falsework
  • Temporary ramps – Excavator access ramps, pedestrian ramps, disability ramps, and public access ramps.
  • Shoring – Temporary façade shoring, façade retention shoring, flying shore structure, and wall shoring.
  • Containment – Temporary roof structures, temporary wall containment, and encapsulation.
  • Hoarding – B-Class Hoardings, A-Class Hoarding, and 10 kPa Overhead Protection.
  • Access – scaffolds, stairs, suspended stairs, and mobile scaffolds.

Safe Temporary Works Design

Our company P.I.E.R.S (Professional, Innovative, Efficient, Reliable, Safe) are applied throughout our temporary works design process.

From initial concept discussion, through to installation. Consideration is given to P.I.E.R.S.

  • PRIORITY #1 – Risk identification and control
  • PRIORITY #2 – Efficiency (which is closely linked with safety and risk control)

At Alphasafe our approach to efficiency is closely linked with safety.  Improvements to efficiency equate to a reduction in working time and exposure to risks such as; manual handling, heat related risk, and/or working at height.

Risk identification and efficiency go hand in hand and are given careful consideration throughout our temporary works design 5 step process.

Temporary Works Design and Installation Process

Our in-house temporary works design team and engineers work closely with clients to determine an understanding of the project scope and sequencing.  Our five-step process includes early stage input through to design options and design progression, project logistics and safety preparation, through to onsite works and ongoing technical support.

Our practical five-step process includes:

  1. Scope clarification
  2. Concepts (including risk identification and control)
  3. Design progression
  4. Pre-project logistics and safety preparation
  5. Onsite works

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Temporary Works Installation

Our temporary works installers and onsite service reflects our company P.I.E.R.S






As well as being industry qualified.  Alphasafe's temporary works installers undergo bespoke product training to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency are achieved.

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