Layher Scaffolding

Layher is the world’s largest manufacturer and industry innovator of high-quality modular scaffolding and temporary works systems.  Since 1945 Layher has been researching and developing their world leading scaffold system from their headquarters in Germany; where it is still manufactured today.  By means of insightful research and development, Layher’s scaffold systems combine the world’s highest manufacturing and material standards, with innovation, safety and efficiency.  

Layher Scaffolding Specialists

Since 2005 Alphasafe has been designing and delivering Layher scaffolding solutions throughout Sydney, NSW, and Australia wide.  With a commitment to add value through innovation and safety, Alphasafe’s Layher scaffold solutions seek to eliminate or reduce risk, whilst maintaining a focus on efficiency and project schedules.

Our customer focussed approach and commitment to add value is applied throughout the entire project from concept, through to design and engineering, installation and dismantling, and post project review.

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Layher Scaffold System

The heart of the Layher scaffold range is their Layher Allround system.  It’s the building block for the broader range of Layher system which includes:

  • Layher Scaffolding
  • Layher Scaffold Stairs
  • Layher Public Access Stairs
  • Layher Public Access Bridges
  • Layher Heavy Duty Bridging System
  • Layher (Keder) Scaffold Roofing System
  • Layher TG60 Propping Frame and Falsework System

Layher Scaffold Stairs

Subject to site conditions, the stair access requirements can vary.  The Layher range of stairs include stairs is capable of varying dimensions and load bearing capacities to overcome any site challenge.  

Aluminium Platform Stairs

Layher Aluminium Platform Stairs are a compact stair.  2.57m long x 1.4m wide.  Each stair rise is 0.64m wide and is compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4576

Construction Stretcher Stairs 

Layher’s Scaffold Stretcher Stairs exceed the required loading of 2.5kPa.  Layher’s 500 series stretcher stair achieves a load capacity of up to 500kg per linear metre.  Construction scaffold stretcher stairs must have a minimum internal clearance of 1.2m.  Due to the modular nature of their Allround scaffold system, the stair landing widths can vary allowing stairs to be built up to 3m wide.

Public Access Stairs 

The load rating for public access structures is considerably higher than those required in the construction industry due to 'crowd loading'.  Crowds of people generate high dynamic loads, especially when moving, running, or jumping.  Due to the uncontrollable nature of crowd loading, load rating of public access scaffolds can be as much as 5kPa or 500kg/m2.

Public Access Bridge

Alphasafe’s hire fleet includes the Layher Heavy Duty (HD) Bridging System.  An addition to our Layher Allround range which is capable of spans up to 30m.  Our Layher HD Bridging System can be used to achieve public access load rating, and is suitable for construction purposes. 

Layher Users in Sydney and Throughout NSW

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