10 kPa Overhead Protection or Overhead Gantry 

10 kPa Overhead protection gets referred to as many things.  Catch deck, crash deck, scaffold gantry, and B class hoarding.  They all relate to a similar solution of overhead protection.  Designed to protect people and property from a work activity during a construction or maintenance project.

Using precision engineered modular equipment, Alphasafe is able to design versatile 10 kPa overhead protection to almost any shape or size of project.  

Class B Hoarding Design and Overhead Protection Design

Using industry leading software our in-house design team can design your Class B Hoarding or 10 kPa Overhead Protection.  Our complete service covered design through to installation and removal at the end of a project.  

Our in-house temporary works design team and engineers work closely with clients to determine an understanding of the project scope and sequencing.  Our five-step process includes early stage input through to design options and design progression, project logistics and safety preparation, through to onsite works and ongoing technical support.

Our practical five-step process includes:

  1. Scope clarification
  2. Concepts (including risk identification and control)
  3. Design progression
  4. Pre-project logistics and safety preparation
  5. Onsite works

10 kPa Overhead Protection Sydney

From our major depots in Sydney and Newcastle we supply hoardings and overhead protection throughout NSW including Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong.  So what ever you're searching for; scaffold crash deck Sydney, or overhead protection Sydney, or scaffold hoarding Sydney.  Alphasafe has you covered.


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