Scaffolding FOR REMEDIAL Maintenance

Remedial maintenance or building maintenance projects vary greatly in complexity.  Some projects may be as simple as an aluminum mobile scaffold on a balcony.  Some could be a full re-render of a building, or a roof replacement.  


Temporary Works and Height Access for Remedial Building Repairs

Alphasafe's comprehensive range of products, services, and experience allows us to provide a full temporary works package during building maintenance projects, including:

  • Scaffolding Access
  • Swing Stages / Motorised Suspended Scaffold Platforms
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Propping
  • Temporary Stair Access 
  • Building Encapsulation
  • Temporary Roof Structures
  • Edge Protection

When it comes to height access and temporary works services for building remedial maintenance, Alphasafe is a market leader.  With major depots in Sydney and Newcastle, and a network throughout Australia, we service Sydney, NSW, and Australia wide.

Our range of temporary work and height access products, and our range of expert services allows us to provide solutions that add maximum value for clients.  Our scaffolding, swing stage, edge protection and other building remedial repair services can save projects time and money (whilst improving safety) compared to alternative options.


Height Access for ACP Cladding Replacement

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London in 2017, Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) are receiving global attention.  Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) backed with Polyethylene (PE) is combustible and Australia is now in the process of replacing ACP combustible cladding panels with alternative facade cladding materials.

Alphasafe's fleet of swinging stages and scaffolding can be utilised to provide the best height access solution for each ACP cladding replacement project.


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Example Alphasafe's Scaffold and Swing Stages Solutions on Remedial Building Maintenance Projects

Swing Stage For Building Repair

Swing Stage For Building Repair

Scaffolding For Building Painting

Scaffolding For Building Maintenance Repairs in Sydney