Construction Propping

Propping solutions come in many shapes, sizes and load capacities.  Using precision engineered European modular systems.  Alphasafe provides a turnkey propping service from temporary works design to propping installation and ongoing regular inspections.

Committed to adding value for clients. Alphasafe’s solutions combine safety, efficiency, and versatility.  Our modular propping systems offer a broad variety of configurations and load bearing capacities to design solutions that range from single leg props to 200 tonne heavy duty propping structures.


What is Propping?

Propping is a temporary structure (also know as temporary works propping or construction propping) that is used to support a load.  Propping may be required at any stage, including construction stage, maintenance / repairs, and decommissioning or demolition.

Propping is used to hold or support an object until the permanent structure is complete and able to support the load, or to support another temporary object during the works.

Types of Propping

Examples of Propping

  • Slab Propping – slab propping can be used to support a concrete slab during construction, or after completion. Concrete slabs are usually designed to support the loads imposed from people, not heavy plant equipment.  If heavy plant is required to drive and/or operate on top of a concrete slab, propping may be required.  Alphasafe can design and install concrete slab propping solutions.

  • Back Propping – back propping can be similar to slab propping. When slab propping is used to support a slab, the loads are transferred to the slab (or structure below). If that slab does not have adequate capacity to support the load, then additional ‘back propping’ can be applied to the lower levels.  Instead of transferring a load to a single slab, back propping can transfer a load through multiple levels/slabs of a building.

  • Heavy Duty Propping – The term heavy duty propping refers to any propping that is designed to support a high load. Using our precision engineered modular scaffold system, Alphasafe is able to achieve loads in excess of 200 tonne.

  • Falsework / Concrete Propping – Used during the forming of concrete slabs, falsework is designed to support wet concrete until such time the concrete has gained enough strength to support its own weight and any imposed loads. Concrete progressively gains strength after it’s poured.  After removal of the concrete propping or concrete falsework, additional back propping may be required. 

Lightweight Propping

To reduce manual handling risks, Alphasafe uses lightweight modular scaffold propping.  This allows structures to be assembled incorporating edge protection which eliminates fall from height risks.  It also allows propping structures to be assembled by hand without the use of EWP (elevated working platforms) or cranes