Suspended Scaffold Access

Suspended scaffold stairs provide safe access to a broad variety of situations .  Typical examples of Alphasafe's suspended scaffold stairs include:

This section includes examples of hanging stair access solutions. 


Types of Suspended Scaffold Stair

Alphasafe's suspended scaffold stairs or hanging scaffold stairs are formed using precision engineered, modular German scaffold system, Layher.  Its modular versatility allows us to create suspended stair configurations to fit almost all dimensions, and depending on the application on site, can be designed to accommodate various safety requirements; for example, Site Stair, Stretcher Stair, or Public Access Stair.

Suspended Stretcher Stairs 

Suspended stretcher stairs and traditional stretcher stairs are a means of emergency recovery and refer to their requirement to fit a stretcher horizontally.  To allow stretcher recovery, stretcher stairs must have 1.2m clear width.  

Suspended Scaffold Stairs (or Site Stairs)

Site stairs or platform stairs are used for general site access and egress, and are not required for stretcher recovery.  Suspended site stairs are intended for the movement of people and tools.  Site stair access is more compact and economical than other stair options. 

Applications for Suspended Scaffold Stairs 

Suspended scaffold stairs are used when access from the ground is not possible or when hanging the scaffold stairs is safer or more economical. 

Alphasafe has developed methodology that allows suspended stairs to be assembled without the risk of fall, thus making suspended stair as safe, or safer than building stairs up from ground level.  

Regular suspended stair applications include:

Suspended Scaffold Stairs into Deep Excavations

Over recent years excavations have gotten deeper.  Making access more challenging.  Alphasafe's suspended scaffold stairs are an ideal option for providing stair access into deep excavations.  


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