Craneable Scaffold Reduces Risk By 80%

Craneable Scaffold Solutions

Posted By Terry McDougall  
12:00 PM

This intelligent craneable access solution for a major infrastructure project in Sydney was designed and built by Alphasafe. It greatly reduced labour-time and provided a high standard of safety for crews working at height.

Alphasafe used a craneable stair tower and built four façade scaffold modules, using two working levels up to a height of 4m. The scaffold comprised three 2.57m working bays, plus a buttress bay and external ladder access decks with hatches.

The façade scaffold modules were sequentially relocated by crane, to achieve access to more than 200 linear metres of wall.

The structures were crane-handled using German precission engineered lifting points. External loads were transferred to the lifting points using inteligent brace configuration.  During lifting, base-jacks were retained using engineered parts (instead of tie wire which is commonly used)

This innovative solution with the ability to be craned in and out of position was a great benefit to the project. Additional benefits were a reduction in manual handling, minimised disruption to other site trades and an improvement to the project’s timeline.