Technical Scaffolding for Concrete Bridge Strengthening Project

Posted By T.McDougall,
27/05/2020 14:00 PM
Alphasafe has successfully delivered many technical scaffolds, including many technical scaffolds below bridges and/or over water.  Many projects share similar technical challenges or safety...

Temporary Wheelchair Access Ramp for Public Access

Posted By Terry McDougall,
13/05/2019 14:00 PM
How to Divert the Public and Maintain BCA Public Access Compliance. Diverting pedestrians is required for many construction projects. Usually they can be diverted along an existing public walkway...

90% Less Scaffolding For Bridge Repair Work

Posted By Terry McDougall,
05/12/2018 13:00 PM
When scaffolding is being built people are exposed to risk. Sometimes the risk is minimal. Sometimes the risks are extreme.When scaffolding is being built it's costing money.When scaffolding is being...

Aluminium Scaffolding Above Roof in Sydney

Posted By Terry McDougall,
28/11/2018 13:00 PM
Building scaffolding above roofs can be challenging. When it's 30m high, and can't be tied into the structure, that's even more challenging. This project designed and installed by Alphasafe was to ga...

Temporary Scaffold Roof Structure - We've Got You Covered

Posted By Terry McDougall,
22/10/2018 14:00 PM
Do you need to keep your building weather tight during construction work? Not sure what's the most effective method? How can a scaffold roof be installed over a glass roof? How can you replace...

17 Tonne Mobile Scaffold For Bridge Maintenance

Posted By Terry McDougall,
17/10/2018 13:00 PM
This solution is a fine example of how we apply our PIERS to deliver Professional, Innovative, Efficient, Reliable, and Safe height access solutions for clients. Bridge maintenance scaffold projects...

Craneable Scaffold Reduces Risk By 80%

Posted By Terry McDougall,
17/10/2018 12:00 PM
This intelligent craneable access solution for a major infrastructure project in Sydney was designed and built by Alphasafe. It greatly reduced labour-time and provided a high standard of safety for...