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Scaffold for Facade Repairs of a Curved Building

Posted By T.McDougall,
22/07/2020 15:00 PM
Building façade repairs are not always ‘straight forward’ and often pose unique challenges. This essential building façade repair in Sydney posed 2 main challenges: Scaffolding around a curved...

Swing Stage Scaffolding

Posted By T.McDougall,
15/01/2020 09:00 AM
WHAT IS A SWING STAGE SCAFFOLD? A swing stage scaffold is a temporary working platform suspended from 2 points.  With the ability to raise and lower the swing stage scaffold platform to a...

What's More Cost Effective? Scaffolding or Swing Stage?

Posted By Terry McDougall,
12/02/2019 15:50 PM
SCAFFOLDING Vs SWING STAGE Do you want to save money on your project? Do you want to complete it sooner? Have you considered using a swing stage instead of scaffolding? Alphasafe has been...

Aluminium Scaffolding Above Roof in Sydney

Posted By Terry McDougall,
28/11/2018 13:00 PM
Building scaffolding above roofs can be challenging. When it's 30m high, and can't be tied into the structure, that's even more challenging. This project designed and installed by Alphasafe was to ga...