Temporary Wheelchair Access Ramp for Public Access

Posted By Terry McDougall  
14:00 PM

How to Divert the Public and Maintain BCA Public Access Compliance.

Diverting pedestrians is required for many construction projects. Usually they can be diverted along an existing public walkway which is relatively simple to arrange. When you need to divert the public over an obstruction, that's when it becomes less simple.

Alphasafe is an expert provider of temporary public access scaffolds including:

  • Public access walkways
  • Public access bridge
  • Public access stairs
  • Public access ramp

Depending on the site specific challenges, a temporary public access method may be required, or a combination of public access scaffolds.

This project required public access diversion of a footpath during wharf upgrades in Sydney. The proposed public access diversion meant directing pedestrians, wheelchairs, and cyclists over a 2m high embankment, which made a temporary public access ramp the most suitable option.

Temporary Wheelchair Access Ramp

To act as temporary wheelchair access we had to achieve a gradient less than 1:8.  Therfor, the length of this ramp had to be 16m and required a landing midway. 

Using German precision engineered scaffolding Alphasafe was efficiently able to provide BCA compliant temporary ramp access that achieved:

  • 5kPa loading capacity.
  • Childproof guardrail edge protection.
  • Continuous guardrails.

This entire BCA compliant public access, temporary wheelchair access ramp was completed by Alphasafe and signed off by the certifying engineering within 2 days.


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