Boat Painting Tent - Boat Spray Booth

Boat Painting Booths and/or Yacht Painting Tents designed and installed by Alphasafe.  A convenient and versatile option for boat painting and boat maintenance.

Temporary Spray Booths For Boat Painting

Our temporary boat painting tents can be transported anywhere in Australia.  From our depots in Sydney and Newcastle our boat spray painting booths can be designed and transported to you within 1 week.

Superyacht Temporary Painting Sheds

Our versatile temporary boat painting sheds can be designed to encapsulate any boat from 10ft, to superyachts. 

Temporary Tents for Boat Painting and Temporary Sheds

Using precision engineered German scaffolding, Alphasafe's temporary tents for boat painting can be designed to and shape and/or size.  Our temporary sheds are assembled by hand and can be installed for 1 week or 1 year.