90% Less Scaffolding For Bridge Repair Work

Mobile Scaffold Below Bridge Wollongong Sydney

Posted By Terry McDougall  
13:00 PM

When scaffolding is being built people are exposed to risk. Sometimes the risk is minimal. Sometimes the risks are extreme.
When scaffolding is being built it's costing money.
When scaffolding is being built it's eating in to a projects programme.

Would you benefit from reducing any of these? Would you benefit from reducing risks and time by 90%? Or even eliminate risks completely... Well that's what Alphasafe does for clients. We're committed to adding value for client through being a leading partner in the safe and professional delivery of height access services.

On this project we achieved a 90% reduction in scaffold build time, and 90% reduction in scaffold associated risks such as working at height and manual handling.

The scope of work required access to the whole underside of a concrete bridge for essential concrete repairs and maintenance. The bridge which is situated between Wollongong and Sydney spans the Cataract River and required a suspended scaffold. Scaffolding in general is high risk, but with traditional scaffolds (built off ground) there's numerous ways to manage and eliminate the risks. Suspended scaffolds however are more challenging and tend to require the use of a harness. Using a harness may sound safe, but by wearing a harness as your primary PPE you're not actually doing anything to reduce the risk of a fall, and falls in harnesses carry with them a host of risks as well.

To reduce the risk of fall we reduced the amount of scaffolding required by developing a mobile suspended scaffold solution which instead of covering 25m was only 2.5m wide. Using Layher Allround Aluminium Scaffold to form a mobile frame, and sides of the suspended scaffold, and with aluminium scaffold beams to span underneath the bridge. Our solution was light enough to be repositioned with 2 people.

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