Temporary Scaffold Roof Structure - We've Got You Covered

Posted By Terry McDougall  
14:00 PM
  • Do you need to keep your building weather tight during construction work?
  • Not sure what's the most effective method?
  • How can a scaffold roof be installed over a glass roof?
  • How can you replace glass panels with a temporary roof in place?

Roof repair work can seem daunting when the consequences of weather damage are significant, or the roof repair methodology seems problematic.

These concerns are common place, but there's no need to worry. Alphasafe is an expert provider of scaffold solutions including temporary scaffold roofing systems.

This project, in The Rocks area of Sydney required weather protection to a heritage listed building during roof repair works. The glass panels of the roof needed to be lifted upwards which posed an extra challenge for the client. 'How to lift the heavy glass panels off safely while a scaffold roof is in position?'

After investigating, and clearly understanding the scope of work, Alphasafe was able to provide an innovative solution that provided the essential weather protection, but also provided monorail lifting capability to safely and efficiently remove the glass panels and transport them to a loading area on the roof where they could be lifted down to ground level.

Using a German, precision engineered roofing system, Layher's Keder Roof. Alphasafe is able to span large distances. Roof spans of over 40m can be achieved. This project required a much smaller span, only 11m, which meant that our temporary scaffold roof had sufficient loading capacity to be able to support the loads required for the removal of the glass panels.